Building a relationship on Quality you can trust.

Many photographers charge a session fee just for the opportunity to shoot with them. By now I think you know that I am not just any photographer.
I believe this is because they often aren't confident that they are selling a quality product that their clients would willingly pay for after seeing the result. 
When else would you be asked to pay for high quality goods or services without seeing them?

To me that sounds like something far from sound business practice.

I am confident that you will be so thrilled with the beautiful artistry that I produce for you that I will only ever ask for you to pay for them after seeing them and knowing that you have to have them! When you book with me you will never pay a session fee and only pay for the artwork you actually want.


I know this sounds rather vague, and I would never want any potential clients to be unaware of what they are likely to spend for a portrait session with me. On average my portrait clients spend between 700 and 2500 dollars on wall art, albums, and gift prints. 

During our pre-session planning and consultation we will go over what exactly you want and how I can best deliver that for you and you will walk away with an idea of what you will be spending before the photo session takes place. I am in a service industry and I want you to know I will do all I can to best serve you and your needs. 


Is there anything else you would like me to know before I get back in touch?

When solidifying a booking I will still take a credit card to prevent late cancellations. I take great care to provide the highest quality service and I expect those I work with to value my time and efforts. Bookings cancelled within the week of the scheduled date will be subject to a $50. cancellation fee. Bookings that are cancelled within 24 hours will be subject to a cancellation fee of $150. 

Please note that despite having a cancellation penalty, I understand sometimes urgent matters arise.  I am compassionate in the instances of emergency and acts of god. Cancellation fees will be considered and applied on a case by case basis.


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